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Past Projects

A Sample of Dental Articles from Dr. Grobmyer

I have been writing dental articles for different publications for over two decades. Every writing project is different, and I have tried to include a variety of writing samples in my portfolio. Some are informative articles, some are focused on SEO, some are product reviews, and others are marketing pieces. Whatever the needs are of your company or website, I can accommodate the style, tone, and focus of my writing to meet them.

Dentist Appointment

Ten Steps to Case Acceptance

Man Using a Tablet

Teledentistry's Time Has Come

Do I Have to See an In-Network Dentist?

Young Family

When a Dentist Needs a Dentist


MD Brush Review: The Return of the Manual Toothbrush?


One Day Dental Implants- G4 by Golpa

How to Remove Stains from Teeth- AuraGlow Whitening

Man in Tuxedo

All-On-Four Dental Implants: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Portrait of Middle Aged Woman
Female Soccer Coach

Can Tooth Whitening Damage Your Gums?

White Picket Fence

Options for Missing Teeth- Golpa

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