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One Day Dental Implants

Dental implants usually take weeks or months to complete. So how are some doctors able to do an entire mouth full of new teeth implants in just a single day?


It may seem like magic, but yes, you can have a complete mouth full of implant supported teeth in just a single day! But how are one-day implants done and how are they different from traditional implants that may take weeks or months to complete?

One day dental implants vs traditional implants

Dental implants in their modern form have been around since the 1950s when Dr. P. I. Brånemark discovered that titanium cylinders implanted into bone not only stayed in place, but actually fused to the bone, a process he named osseointegration.

This allowed for the use of titanium implants as anchors in the bone of the jaw, upon which new teeth could be firmly and reliably connected.

Restoring an entire mouth with traditional implants usually require several visits, potentially to multiple doctors, and months of healing time before permanent teeth are placed. There may be one surgery for extractions, bone grafting, or sinus lifting if needed, followed by a period of months to heal, another surgery to place the implants, and additional time to heal.

Only then will impressions and records be taken to make the final restoration, which is created by a dental laboratory over a period of several more weeks. Finally, it is ready to be placed in the mouth. The entire process takes six or eight months to well over a year to be complete.

One day dental implants are just how they sound; they are total restorations of the mouth in just a single 24 hour period. No waiting for healing between steps is necessary, so there are also no temporary dentures to deal with. Most often, one-day implants are less expensive than a full mouth traditional implant restoration.

How are dental implants done in one day?

The keys to one day (24 hours) dental implants are having all parts of the process under one roof and placing restorations that stabilize the implants during healing.

The first step in same day implants will be the consultation. You get to meet the team and tour the office and laboratory. They will get to know you and what your specific needs are.

3D images are taken of your jaw and face, as well as digital scans of your mouth. From these records, the treatment can be planned out and any concerns can be addressed, including the need for sinus lift or bone augmentation procedures.

Once everything is ready to go, you are taken to the surgical operatory, where you are sedated and your mouth is numbed for your comfort. All surgical procedures happen during this time, including tooth extractions, the placement of the implants, and any additional procedures needed.

Once complete, you are free to go back to your home or hotel to rest while the final restorations are being made by the in-house dental laboratory.

While you sleep, the laboratory technicians craft a custom set of teeth to fit your implants, using the scans of your mouth and face as references. By the time you return to the office the next morning, the teeth are ready to be delivered and permanently placed in your mouth.

The new teeth are tried in and adjusted as necessary before being attached to the implants in the mouth. The substructure of the new dental bridges is made of a titanium metal framework or bar, which acts to stabilize the implants as they heal.

This makes waiting around for healing between steps unnecessary, and you can leave that very day with your permanent restoration instead of a temporary acrylic one.

Same day dental implants cost

Similar to a hip or knee replacement surgery, dental implants have the ability to vastly improve your quality of life. The cost is an investment in your ability to eat, talk, and smile for the rest of your life, and patients often say it is “The best money (they) ever spent”.

A single tooth implant can cost between $1000 and $3000. A crown must then be placed on top of it, at an average cost of $1000-$3000. So a single tooth replacement may cost as much as $6000, and that does not include any additional procedures that may be necessary, like bone grafting or a sinus lift. To do an entire arch of individual implants would be very expensive, so most patients opt to have 4 to 6 implants placed with a fixed bridge or snap-on removable denture attached.

While less expensive than a mouth full of individual implants, this procedure can still be quite an investment and may take multiple visits with multiple doctors to complete. A full mouth of restorations may take over a year before permanent restorations are complete and may cost from $50,000-$100,000.

For a full mouth of restorations, you may consider the G4 Implant Solution. It is completed in a single 24 hour period and costs are generally much less expensive. Treatment costs without insurance for a full mouth (upper and lower) of G4 Implants can start around $38,500 and range up to $55,000 or more for the most complex cases.

Patients with Medicare can expect prices for a single arch (upper OR lower) as low as $11,750 and up to $18,750 for the most complex cases. Please know that Medicare will only pay for what they deem medically necessary surgery and not to replace teeth. Dental insurance rarely picks up more than $1000-$2000, depending on your individual plan.

A great way to make this even more affordable is by using financing through a lender. This can often be coordinated by the treating doctor’s office and can result in a manageable monthly payment instead of a lump sum.

Pros & cons of same day implants

The benefits to same day implants are numerous. You have a single surgery, instead of several, and your permanent teeth are delivered at the time of the procedure instead of a temporary acrylic healing denture or partial. You get back up to 90% of your natural chewing ability, which means good things for your diet and your overall health.

Implant supported bridges stay securely in your mouth, as opposed to removable dentures, even implant supported dentures, that you have to take out and put into a cup at night. Same day implants are a fixed, permanent, time conscious, and beautiful solution to missing or diseased teeth.

As for negatives, the cost is prohibitive for some patients, but financing options often make treatment possible for patients of every budget. Nothing is ever as good as natural, healthy teeth, but same day implants are as close as it gets.

One day dental implants dentist

A dentist who is able to perform one-day dental implants must be highly trained, experienced, and proficient at the procedure. This assures that treatment will be predictable and without complications, now and down the road.

The facility must have the ability to not only provide the surgical treatments required but also the laboratory facilities to manufacture the final restoration overnight. They must have the technology, including milling machines and computer-assisted design terminals, as well as a team able to work through the night.

Before choosing a dental provider for such an extensive procedure, be sure to ask about patient reviews. Check the web to read about personal experiences with the provider. Ask to see before and after photos of actual patients who have had the procedure you will be receiving. They should have MANY to look through, not just a few, if they have performed the procedure many times.

One day procedure, permanent results!

When it comes to providing quality, full mouth restorations in a single day, you should consider the G4 Implant Solution. Created by Dr. Mike Golpa and available only at his Implant Centers across the US, the G4 Implant Solution is a permanent restoration utilizing a titanium bar milled on site and embedded in a permanent esthetic bridge.

Dr. Golpa and the doctors he has personally trained have placed more than 6000 G4 restorations. Patients travel from all over the world to receive this unique treatment, and patient reviews demonstrate an extremely high level of satisfaction.

If you are ready to start your journey to a new smile that will last a lifetime, click here to speak with one of our experts now!

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